What we focus on becomes reality

Focus on your success! Take massive action today!

When we change our beliefs then the world changes

From: Bruce Thompson
Date: 22 October 2008
Re: Your opportunity to take massive action today

Dear Friend,

You know that if we change our beliefs, then the world changes. You can start this transformation today by taking massive action and putting what you know into practice now! Stamp your mark on the Internet and establish your presence. Make it easy for people to find you and read what you have to offer. Write down your success every day and publish it for the world to read. Tell someone else about your daily triumphs and make them feel better. Live with gratitude!

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Your vision of your future must be bold, daring and compelling, so that you power into each day with excitement and anticipation. Record your goals and ambitions for the world to read, and bend the Universe to bring you the wealth you deserve. Your dream must be as big as you are! Put your goals out there and verbalise them for the Universe. Play full out!

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What we focus on becomes reality! Focus on your success and tell everyone about it to make it grow. Tell the world about your hobbies, your business, your interests and your passions. Record on your own personal web log (blog) as your consciousness develops and you grow. Advertise your business, review restaurants you visit or provide pearls of wisdom to help people with their lives. The choice is yours, just take massive action today.

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Bruce Thompson