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So you want an Internet web site?

Well you have come to the right place! Follow these simple instructions to set up a presence on the world wide web!

Register a Domain Name

First of all you need a domain name. This is the unique address of your server space, and is the way that people find you in their browser. This will look like or Some companies offer you a sub domain which would look like or something like that. That is Ok if you just want a bit of space to display some photographs, but it is not as professional looking as

What is the difference between a .com address and a .uk address?

The .com address is globally unique, which means that there is only one company using that name in the whole world. The .uk address is only unique within the uk, and there could be several similar names registered such as and This could be confusing for people who want to visit your site, and for a business could result in the potential customer going to the site of a competitor. However because of the demand for top level domain names you may find that the .com name you want is already registered, so a domain may be a better choice.

What does a domain name cost?

A .com domain name can cost from £10 to £25 to register and the tenure is usually two years in the first instance. If you do not want to renew after the time expires then the name will be available for other people to register after the two years (plus a grace period in some instances). If you maintain your own name registration then the responsibility for continuing the payment rests with you. If the domain name comes with your package, then the reseller will usually maintain the domain name for you. The renewal cost can depend on a number of things, including market forces, but usually increases on renewal to cover inflation.

If you want to register your domain name but have no idea how to start, we can provide a set up service. Just contact and ask.