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Payment for Web Hosting Accounts
All web hosting accounts are sold on a one year prepay basis. The full payment for a full year’s service is required at the time of placing your order.

Payment can be made online by credit or debit card using the secure payment facilites, or the purchaser can print the order form and post it to us with payment. If the customer pays online, then the customer will receive an invoice / VAT receipt by email at the time of purchase. If payment is sent by post, then upon receipt of the order and payment, we will send an email invoice / VAT receipt to the customer.

The renewal date for accounts will be one calendar year from the date of purchase or the date of previous renewal. Account renewal reminders will be sent by email about one calendar month in advance of renewal date. Payment must be received prior to renewal date.

Failure to pay within these time limits will cause suspension of the account or additional facilities until payment is received.

Payments made online can be made in US Dollar, UK Sterling, or Euro. Postal payments must be made in UK Sterling.

Upgrading Web Hosting Accounts
At any time, account holders may upgrade their web hosting accounts by purchasing additional facilities. Account holders can choose to have the upgrade take effect immediately or to have it take effect from the renewal date. If from the renewal date, then the renewal invoice will be adjusted to include the upgraded features. If immediate, then the account holder will be invoiced for the upgrades as for a new account, and payment will be due immediately.

Upgrades made part way through the term of the hosting account will be charged at the full rate as if they were ordered as part of the original hosting account, unless part of a promotion. An upgrade made part way through the term of a hosting account will be valid only until the renewal of the hosting account.

Data Transfer (Bandwidth) and System Resources
All web hosting accounts should remain within the agreed data transfer (bandwidth) allowance for the account. TechCo Systems accept that there are times when sites may unexpectedly exceed data transfer allowance for short period of time. TechCo Systems will not impose any penalty for such breaches of data transfer allowance providing that these breaches are small, are not frequent, and are not sustained. TechCo Systems reserve the right to determine what constitutes small, sustained or frequent breaches of data transfer allowance.

Many domains have to share the various resources (processors, memory, etc) available on the servers. TechCo Systems believe that no single domain should use excessive amounts of resources, as this may jeopardise server performance for the other domains.

In the event that an account is deemed to be using excessive data transfer (bandwidth) or resources, TechCo Systems may suggest action to reduce bandwidth or resource use, or suggest moving the website to its own dedicated server.

Account holders may also be subject to additional costs due to excessive data transfer or resource use. These costs will be agreed between TechCo Systems and the account holder.

Cancellation, Termination and Refunds of Web Hosting Accounts
All web hosting accounts are for a period of one calendar year from the date of ordering or renewal. Fees are charged on an annual pre-pay basis and are non-refundable.

Account holders may terminate their accounts simply by not using them or by not renewing them. Failure to use or renew an account is deemed to be a termination of customers choice. No refund will be given where customers terminate or cease to use their account prior to the end of the term of the hosting account.

In the event that TechCo Systems finds an account is in breach of the prohibited uses listed in Acceptable Use, then that account may be terminated without notice. No refund for the remainder of the year will be given.

In the event that an account exceeds data transfer or resource allowances and an agreement cannot be reached between TechCo Systems and the account holder, then TechCo Systems may terminate the account. In this case, TechCo Systems may provide a refund for the remaining unused part of the year, subject to an administration fee of £10.00 + VAT.

In the event that TechCo Systems is to refund full or partial payments, refunds will be made by the same means in which the original order was placed. Customers who paid by credit or debit card will be refunded directly to their credit or debit cards. Customers who paid by cheque will be refunded by cheque. All refunds will be made within 30 days of agreement to make a refund.

UK Customers Only: Under the terms of The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, consumers have a “cooling off” period of 7 working days from the date that the order is placed in which they may cancel orders placed by distance contract. However, this right to cancel does not apply where service provision begins before the end of the cooling off period. All web hosting accounts provided by TechCo Systems begin the same day that the order is placed, normally within 2 hours of ordering. Therefore, the consumer’s right to cancel and receive a full refund will not apply once service provision has begun. Commencement of service will normally be the time at which your account activation notice is sent.

The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 do not apply to business-to-business transactions, nor to transactions with businesses or consumers outside the UK.

TechCo Systems will not be responsible for any loss or damage your business may suffer. TechCo Systems make no warranties, expressed or implied, for any services we offer.

Customers shall indemnify and hold harmless TechCo Systems from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs, and claims, including all legal fees, asserted against TechCo Systems and it’s agents, customers, officers and employees, that may arise from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed, or for any product sold by TechCo Systems, it’s agents, customers, officers or employees.

TechCo Systems will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by infringement of copyright or proprietary rights, supply of defective goods or services, any loss or damage (personal or business), caused by customers of TechCo Systems.


The following information is provided to Customers in compliance with EU Directive No. 2000/31/EC (the e-Commerce Directive):

The following are the steps to be taken by the Customer to place an order using the Company’s site. Orders may only be placed in English. Orders will be acknowledged via email within 24 hours from placing the order. The order steps are the same as for any hosting package or product

1. Select the desired package e.g Budget, Business, Business Pro or Professional
2. Enter address details or, if existing customer account number/domain name and password
3. Miscellaneous: enter password, where did you here about us / order software
4. Finalise/Confirm order / review everything / enter Pay Pal account data

The Customer may check to see whether an order has been placed correctly and if necessary correct any errors by taking the following steps: Order step “4” allows to change all entered data by clicking the steps on navigation bar

Once an order has been placed it will be filed by the Company and will be accessible to the Customer.

This site is owned and operated by TechCo Systems Limited a company registered in England and Wales (Reg. No 04009703) whose registered office is at TechCo Systems Limited, 9 Callicroft Road, Patchway, Bristol, BS34 5BS, United Kingdom.
Telephone: 0117 9 147 148, or Fax: 0117 9 079 855

The Customer may contact the Company by calling 0117 9 147 148 or by writing to us at TechCo Systems Limited, 9 Callicroft Road, Patchway, Bristol, BS34 5BS, United Kingdom.